What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is the world's oldest and largest fraternity. Once described as "a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols," Freemasonry is now generally defined as "an organized fraternity of men symbolically applying the principles of Operative Masonry and Architecture to the Science and Art of Character Building."

The fraternity is comprised of men of good character from every country, religion, race, age, income, education, and opinion. Its body of knowledge and system of ethics is based on the belief that each man has a responsibility to improve himself while being devoted to his family, faith, country, and fraternity.

The fraternity enhances and strengthens the character of the individual man by “Making Good Men Better,” providing opportunities for fellowship, charity, education, and leadership based on the three ancient Masonic tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.


How do I become a Prince Hall Freemason?

 One of the ancient landmarks of the fraternity is that it does not solicit new members. A man must seek Masonic membership of his own free will and accord. To become a Mason you need only “ask”, meet the qualifications, and be accepted by the Lodge of which you are petitioning.

The qualifications to join a lodge vary from one jurisdiction to another, but some basic qualifications are common to all regular Masonic lodges:

  • Belief in a Supreme Being that promotes peace, love, and harmony towards all mankind
  • Seek Masonic membership of your own free will and accord
  • Be a man
  • Be free-born*
  • Be of lawful age (18 years of age in Maryland)
  • Be well recommended by at least two existing Freemasons from the lodge you’re petitioning

* The term “free-born” is a holdover from the days when slavery, indentured servitude, and bonding were common. It means that a man must be his own master, and not be bound to another man. This is not a present-day issue, but the language is retained because of its antiquity and a desire to retain the heritage of the fraternity.

If you are interested in learning more about our fraternity, or inquiring about petitioning the fraternity through Fairmount Lodge no.92, email us at FairmountLodgeNo.92@gmail.com